the state of Macbeth’s mind

She should have died hereafter;
There would have been a time for such a word.
To-morrow, and to-morrow, and to-morrow,
Creeps in this petty pace from day to day
To the last syllable of recorded time,
And all our yesterdays have lighted fools
The way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle!
Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage
And then is heard no more: it is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,Signifying nothing.

Shakespeare shows us that Macbeths mind is slowly deteriorating over the course of the play. He uses a number of different methods that can be seen in this play.

In this quote Macbeth is saying that everything that he has worked for is lost. His wife has just died and now thee is an army outside his castle camouflaged as the woods. In this quote we see Macbeth say  “Life’s but a walking shadow”.

Shakespeare uses personification here to put Macbeth’s thoughts into perspective. Traits of shadows are that they aren’t actually made of something. Its not a substance, it is just light being blocked off. This could show us that Macbeth believes that his life has become dark and meaningless. After all the work he had done under control of his wife, she has died. Now all that’s left is him. I believe Shakespeare us going through this and showing us how empty Macbeth is to show us the consequences of playing with fate and making immoral choices.

Shakespeare also uses the structure and the way Macbeth speaks to show that his mind is deteriorating. Throughout the play people of importance will always speak in iambic pentameter. It is a way of showing  different statuses. However in this speech the use of iambic pentameter begins to phase away. It starts of in the usual tempo but as it goes on Macbeth starts talking as if he was an unimportant character. I think that Shakespeare is trying to shift main characters while also showing us that as a consequence of playing with fate he has become insane and has become a different person after all the work he has done throughout the whole play.

Act 3 scene 6

Fleance is being blamed for the killing of Banquo. Lennox called Macbeth a tyrant. The Lord does not like Macbeth as he is a bad leader. He wants Duncan’s sons to come back. Sarcasm lennox” How did it grieve Macbeth! De he not straight in pious rage the two delinquents tear, that were the slaves of drink and thralls of sleep?


Macbeth soliloquy

he sends everyone away to do the deed.

“dagger of the mind” He is imagining a dagger. The dagger handle pointing towards him shows that it is showing home the way to kill.

“I have thee not” he can not feel it but yet he can still see it. They would not have had a dagger so he is explaining it to give the audience a feeling of it being there.

its pushing him in the direction that he wants to go but it also is the dagger he wants to use. He is saying that the dagger is asking him to kill the king. Justifying his reasons. All things that are telling Macbeth to kill the King are all in his head.

“Mine eyes are made he fools” he doesn’t know whether his eyes are lying or if all other senses are lying.

the clean dagger all of a sudden is covered in blood. This shows that Macbeth is getting closer to kill the King.

“nature seems dead” all that is natural is wrong or dead. Like the witches.

wants the Earth to not make any noise so that no one knows where he is. Sneaking around.

justifying his reasons even more by saying the bell is calling him.

Act 1 scene 4

  1. They haven’t come back someone said that he saw he thane of Cawdor die. At death he confessed and said he was sorry.  The greatest thing he did in his life was accept his death. This shows honour.

He calls Macbeth his cousin. You deserve more than I can give, saying how grateful he is of him.

doing things for Duncan is a good enough reward for him, dishonestly.

“Stars his your fires”  Does not want to be seen by God and himself so does not want it to be seen. Does not want the stars to shine on his dark desires. Stats are in the sky and can be linked to God.

“the eye wink at the hand” does not want to see himself what he is going to do.

Macbeth is becoming very desperate and is doing things that he usually wouldn’t do.

Lady Macbeth thinks Macbeth is to weak and does not have the courage to actually kill the King. She’s going to use her powers of persuasion not get Macbeth to kill the King no matter what.

Now and then

After barely managing the singular beeps I tap my card and get an even more obnoxious sound, the repetitiveness makes me feel as if I am going insane. I begin to head upstairs. We start moving. I hear the engine speeding up making it feel like a task just to climb the stairs. All the force making me feel paralyzed in the spot. As I tried to go up all the forwards forces push against my chest making me drown. I finally finish the treacherous journey up the simple steps. I look around, no faces staring back at me, making me feel invisible. Did the different beep of my card make me obsolete. The ocean of people wash me around, up and down the place until I get washed ashore. I finally find a seat. I look down on the dusty and grimy seat and hope that my trousers do not get dirty. I finally observe my surroundings and see the backs of many heads. Same old routine, everybody sticks to their own business. Not moving as if they were statues. I look to the window and see that it is beginning to rain. As if  the darkness outside did not make me feel isolated already. The rain starts to create a sheet that blocks my view making the world seem as small as the space around us. We move at a steady rate as if to make our journey longer. I sit listening to the tapping of the rain right next to my ear, making me feel oddly comfortable. The bus comes to a sudden holt making everyone move like a tsunami about to crash into a city. Everyone looks for a moment in shock but then go back to their idle states. The person next to you signals that  they want to get up. You make a path for them just wide enough. You can the struggle on their face and watch as they go down the stairs, disappearing in front of your eyes. I turn around not thinking about the events I had witnessed and catch glimpse of my own reflection.  Only to realise the next stop is mine. As I tried to get downstairs I get pushed and toyed around with like a fish in the sea. I step of into the wilderness, it’s still raining heavily. I have  a long walk ahead.

School is finally over, you walk out into the battlefield also known as the playground. The sun blinds you and as your eyes adjust you see your friends waiting. You go through the school gates and your out in the open. You feel the heat on your skin, it soothes you as you walk, it seems to give you power even when you thought all was lost. You sit at the bus stop waiting, waiting for your ticket home to finally arrive. You see it in the distance, slowly pulling up. You hear the beep of your zip but this time you don’t mind, this time it signifies that the day is over. You get on the bus but now it is filled its voices echoing around, loud enough for everyone to hear. You see people look back at you acknowledging you for the wrong reasons. Nothing affects you now though, your goal is set on going home, no obstacle will stop you. The journey seems long but it is worth the wait, the tension gets to you. You’re sweating from the heat but you imagine the warm shower at home. The bus stops and you rush off. In a hurry to reach you final destination. You make it home.


chapter 39, 40, 41 Great Expectations

Chapter 39: Pip is now twenty-three years old. He hears footsteps from the stairs. A man comes in who he recognizes to be his convict [Magwitch], his convict. He tells the story of how he became a sheep rancher in Australia and earned a fortune. Moved by Pips kindness to help him he decided to make Pip a gentleman. This makes Pip realize he and Estella were not meant for each other.
Pip hears that he is on the run from law and could be executed. He lets [Magwitch] sleep in Herbert’s bed as he is away. Pip notices that there is a gun by the convicts bed so locks the door and falls asleep.

chapter 40:In the morning Pip trips over a mysterious man on the staircase. He tells the watchmen but when they come back he is gone. The convict gives his name as Abel Magwitch although refers to him as uncle Provis as a way to stop people recognising him. Pip calls on Jaggers so that he could confirm what Magwitch was saying. Pip endures his rude table manners and speech.

chapter 41: Pip finally confronts the problem when Herbert comes home. Magwitch is not around so they decide that Pip should not use the money from Magwitch anymore and want to send him abroad where he would be safe from the police.

chapter 42: Magwitch tells Pip and Herbert his story of when he was younger. He recalls stealing turnips as a child to feed himself. He then met Compeyson and fell under his rule. One man by the name of Arthur had supposedly been driven to alcoholism and insanity because of Compeyson. When they had been caught Compeyson turned on Magwitch acting like a gentleman to get hiself a shorter sentence. We then find out the man Magwitch was fighting on the marsh was actually compeyson. Herbert passes a note to Pip that says Arthur was Miss H half brother and Compeyson was the one who stood her up on the wedding day.

Chapter 43: Pip is ashamed that his wealth comes from a man who is so coarse and ungentle-man like. This makes Pip feel as if he should not be with Estella anymore as they are of different class. He went to the Blue Boar and sees Bentley Drummle. As Drummle ignores Pip he ignores Drummle. He pretends to read a old newspaper just so that he would not have to talk to Bentley Drummle. Pip then decides to go visit the Satis house.


“Yes, Pip,” said Joe; “and what’s worse, she’s got Tickler with her”

In this quote Joe is talking about the tickler Mrs. Joe uses to discipline Pip. The denotation of the word is quite friendly. Tickling usually being referred to as harmless or fun. But Dickens uses it an a sarcastic way using the connotation. Dickens is stating that the tickler is used to cause pain instead of laughter. People will see the tickler as something that would not cause harm but is actually uses in quite a bad way.